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vShare Apk Download For Android Devices Free Latest Version

If you are bored of using Google Play store and searching an alternative of it, then you are in the right place. Today you are going to learn about a unique Android app that can replace Google play store named as vShare. This vShare APK is a huge apps store with millions of apps inside this. The main function of this app is to provide downloadable APK’s for Android devices. Apart from that, there are many apps which are not available in Google play store, but we can download those apps directly from vShare APK. Not only that, there are many paid apps in Google play store, which we can download for free from vshare. This is an awesome APK from which you will get many facilities to download your favorite apps and games for free of cost.

In recent years this app has become the main competitor of Google play store. And the best thing is apart from Google Play Store and Aptoide; there is no such app which provides all these facilities like downloading apps and games. With every upgrade vshare, APK is getting loaded with more facilities. The app is very user-friendly and downloads in any android device without any difficulty. Those who are madly indulged with technology must have heard about this app as there is no other such app available in the market. But many are there who never heard about this Aptoide APK. So in this article, I am going to discuss the things which you must know about the Aptoide APK.

About vShare APK: Things you need to know!:

If anyone is looking or searching for the substitute for the Google play store, then the only thing that can fulfill their wish is the vShare Apk download. No one can deny the fact that Google play store is the one and only official market for Android apps and games and from there we can download a vast number of free and premium apps and games by one click. But many Android games and apps are there which we want to download and access, but these are not available in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, the availability of such huge number of apps and games in vShare market made it the best and only alternative to Google play store.

If we take a look at the present Android market, we won’t find any other such platform that provides these much of activities such as games and apps except Google Play Store and Aptoide. From the Aptoide Android application, you can download all your favorite games and apps. You easily can make a guess about the popularity of this app by the number of downloads. In a very little period of time, this app attained more than 100 million downloads, which is huge and shows how the marketplace is growing so rapidly.

How to Download and Install Aptoide APK File on Android:

Downloading vShare APK is not that tough. If you want to access all the facilities provided by vShare, you need to download and install the app first. You can do it by following the below mentioned steps

#Step 1

At first, you need to download the vShare APK file. You can download it by searching on in web or from the official website.

#Step 2

As this, a third party app and there are a number of sources are available on the internet so you must enable your devices unknown sources first. You can do it by ‘Settings> security> enable unknown sources.'

#Step 3

After the download of vShare APK, copy the file on your device. If the file is downloaded directly then open the file from the download folder

#Step 4

After opening/copying the file, tap on the APK file to install it, do install it by typing yes and next button and lastly finish


Once vShare APK is installed on your device, you will see the Aptoide icon on the home screen, and you can browse all your favourite games and apps by tapping that icon.

Features of vShare APK!:

If you are an Android user, then you must know that to access the Google play store. First, you need to open an account by using your Gmail ID, and then only you can access all the services like games and apps. The best thing about vShare Apk is, you don’t have to create any account to access the apps and games which make this app more user-friendly than Google play store.  Downloading your apps using Aptoide makes it very easy and simple. Apart from that, there are many issues regarding the download of some apps in Google Play Store, some face problems while accessing it. All the problems can be solved by using the vShare APK. The main features of vshare are

  • In vshare market most of the apps are free, and it is the only app store after Google Play store with approximately 64700 apps.
  • One can use this app in both Android and tablet.
  • The app program is written in Java, so it protects us from malware attacks.
  • As almost all versions of apps are available in vshare, you can create and sell your apps there.
  • This app provides 17 different languages.
  • vshare app is very small in size (less than 12MB) and very user-friendly so the users rated it 4 out of 5.
  • Whenever any updates come, users will be notified almost every day.
  • vshare updates everything very quickly, so the game lovers will get all the newly released games.
  • vshare is a publically licensed APK.
  • A new feature added to it recently, which is Aptoide social timeline and stability improvement which is very useful for the users.


People those who loves to download new apps and loves to play new games, vshare APK, is a bliss to them. Here you will get all the new apps and games and install them is very easy too. You will get all your favorite things here. Most importantly the app is designed in such way that it provides many features and it’s free of cost, and there is no risk of getting any virus or other threats. I personally recommend this to use.